Navagraha Temples


Kumbakonam is a sacred spot known for its four large temples dedicated to Sarangapani, Kumbeswarar, Brahma and Nageswarar. Around Kumbakonam there are all the Navagraha Temples (Planetary Temples).

Meditation, performance of Puja, chanting of divine hymns, penance (fasting) or prayer gives us peace and balanced of mind, patience and tolerance

Planetary transit brings about change in certain people's well-being and fortunes for better or worse. The worshipping the planets, we get immense benefits. The deficiency is rectified. This gives us great relief, this is known as propitiation (Dosha Pariharam)

Among the planets, Sun occupies the prime position. That is why the first day of the week is named Sunday. The seven planets including Saturn form the seven days of the week.

The eighth planet is called Rahu. Rahu is allotted 10 1/2 hours in seven days of the week. On each day 1-½ hours is allotted for Rahu. This one and a half hour is known as Rahu Kalam.

The ninth planet is known as Ketu. For Ketu also, the same time is allotted. This one and a half hour is known as Yama Handam. Both Rahu's Time and Kato's Time are considered as inauspicious time.