Chandra Baghawan (Moon)

Thingaloor is one of the Saivite holy places in Tamil Nadu. Thingal means Moon. At this temple only the southern entrance is used. On the left of the temple Lord Kailashnath and in the opposite side Goddess Periyanayaki.

Around the outer corridor we can have darisanam of Lord Dhakshinamoorty and in the eastern side is Chandra Baghawan

Moon is one of the benevolent planets among the nine planets. Lord Shiva has three eyes and Moon is considered the left eye of the Lord. Moon is known for her soft nature and is an integral part of Goddess Parasakhi. Monday is the main day of prayer for her.

The adverse effect of Moon manifests them in loss of mental peace. Ill health, possibility loss of life in water, fear etc. By worshiping Moon we can get relief from these adverse effects.

Those who worship Moon are blessed with her favorable effect such as wealth, good health, and Mother's welfare, auspicious events in the family.

Mantra for moon - Aum som somaye namah Aum
Or Aum Shrim krim cham chandeaye namah Aum

Temple Timings - 7 A.M. to 8 P.M